Defence Electronics

Centum is India’s leading Electronics Industry partner for Defense Electronics and is engaged with all the major Global and Indian customers in Defense Electronics. Products are developed and delivered in Built to Specification (BTS) and Built to Print (BTP) mode. Centum is eligible for the Defense offsets and has the Industry license for the manufacture of Electronics and Communication products for military use. Since 1998-99, Centum has been engaged in the development and productionisation of modules, subsystems for missiles, radars and military communication applications for DRDO laboratories and Defense PSUs. The manufacturing lines at Centum including the independent and approved reliability test house comply with the requirements of MIL-STDs.



Defense Products
Electronics for Inertial Systems
BLDC Controllers
Laser Receivers
Electronic Delay Units
Missile Interface Units
DC-DC Converters
High-Wattage Power Supplies
Onboard Computers
Microelectronics Products
PIN Diode Drivers
Power OpAmps


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