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Centum is India’s leading Electronics Industry partner for Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and is engaged with all the major centres of ISRO. With the successful line qualification, Centum has been delivering modules, subsystems and high-end components to ISRO since 2001, in both BTP (Built to Print) and BTS (Built to Spec) mode. The products are successfully flown in mission critical applications of all Satellites and Launch Vehicles since 2003 including Chandrayaan-1. At Centum, several new processes and products are designed, developed, qualified and flight tested for ISRO missions conforming to the requirements of MIL, ESA and ISRO standards.

More than 500 subsystems are performing onboard RISAT-1.

More than 15000 Flight grade Hybrid Micro Electronics, 1000 power supplies and 2000 oscillators have been delivered for all programmes of ISRO since 2003.

Products & Services:

Satellite Bus Systems Area Satellite Payload Systems Area Launch Vehicle Systems Area
Hybrid Micro Electronics Power Conditioning and Processing Units Data Acquisition Units (DAUs)
Crystal Oscillators – VCXO, TCXO,
Clock Oscillators
EPCs, DC-DC converters for RF systems
like Receivers, Beacons
DC-DC Converters
DC-DC Converters, Power Subsystems Power Supplies and Micro Electronics for
Meteorological Payload Electronics
Power Modules
Sun Sensors Crystal Oscillators – TCXO, OCXO SCUBI (Serial Checkout Unit for
Bus Interface)
Earth Sensors   Crystal Oscillators
(Sine and Square Wave), TCXO
Instrumentation Electronics   Solid State Relays
Reaction Wheel Controllers   Component Screening to MIL standards
SADA Ceramic Potentiometers   Modules and Subsystems for Advanced
Inertial Navigation Systems (AINS)
IRU, WDE Microelectronic modules    
EMI Filters    

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